Harmony Exotic Floral Design

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Harmony Exotic Floral Design

Harmony Exotic Floral Design

Harmony Exotic Floral Design


This beautiful floral design is made on a rustic wooden base, it is composed of a variety of tropical flowers such as lilies, sunflowers, irises, birds of paradise, heliconias and green foliage. It is ideal for any occasion. We recommend that you accompany this design with balloons, chocolates, stuffed animals or wines to make your detail even more special, in the next step of the purchase you can add these products to your order if you wish.


Measurements: 50cm high x 35cm wide approx.

The elements that make up the floral design such as bases, ornaments, boxes, wines, chocolates, balloons, stuffed animals, flowers, fruits and colors, may differ from the reference image, and these are subject to any changes that are required according to the availability, however we do our best to please our customers even in the smallest details.

Harmony Exotic Floral Design



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