Strategically placed vigorous plants, with or without flowers, can activate specific energies linked to spiritual, physical, intellectual and economic advancement. They also help reject and filter Sha Chi (toxic or negative energy), act as a protective barrier from noise, heat and excessive light, pollution and intrusive glances.

Plants symbolize growth, life and abundance and are associated with the wood element which, together with the rest of the elementals (earth, water, fire and metal), nourishes and balances the environmental Chi. Wood is the energy of health, family and creative expansion. Its orientation is East and Northeast, it is worn down by fire, destroyed by metal and nourished by water.

As with other Feng Shui resources, its use should not be indiscriminate. For example, excess vegetation, uncontrolled growth, plants in poor condition or incorrectly located, radiate harmful energy that should be avoided.

When choosing companion plants, it is essential to be realistic about our time and willingness to care for them. If you are renovating the Feng Shui of your home with the conviction of improving your quality of life, then surely you are willing to make the commitment to raise vigorous and beautiful plants. You have to know that there are species that require more care and knowledge, others are more resistant and do not require many precautions. But they all involve our daily and attentive gaze to recognize their vital needs and satisfy them.

Criteria for choosing them

Feng Shui classifies plants by evaluating their energy qualities, and according to them, it considers some more appropriate than others in certain situations.

Some are directly discarded, for example, bonsai because they represent an energy whose growth was stunted and projects the idea of ​​limitation. Dried flowers are also not favorable because their Chi has already died. Fabric (not plastic) artificial flowers and plants are a viable alternative, but it should be clear that they will never provide the full energy that natural plants emanate, and they should not be placed in the bathroom or bedrooms.

Succulents, also called crass or fleshy, are characterized by opulent appearance, they accumulate water in their stems, leaves or roots. They are resistant and activate the energy of abundance; Cacti belong to this group, but if they have thorns (aggressive Chi) they should only be used outside the house, as a protection.

Climbers, also known as vines, may or may not need a support to grow. Sometimes they dry out other plants or trees by removing sunlight. However, they are not parasitic plants, since they only look for a support to receive more light. Feng Shui does not rule out the use of vines outside as long as they do not “suffocate” the walls of the house. They are ideal those that give flowers and that with pruning they are kept confined to sectors avoiding that they are invasive.

Hanging plants, on the other hand, if they do not have guides or supports, tend to grow downwards. Examples of them are potus, chlorophytum (love bond), zebrina pendula, plectranto (dollar plant), geraniums, petunias and lobelias, hedera helix, among others. They are welcome as long as their appearance is not languid and rainy, as this downward energy radiates negativity and a lack of momentum to move forward. You have to prune them and place small guides to adopt a more upright and voluminous appearance.

Those with elongated pointed leaves, so frequently included in the interiors, such as dracenas, yuccas, aralias, are emitters of Sha Qi or hostile energy. These types of plants can be very beneficial if we place them outside the house to divert the Sha Qi from outside. But, inside, they lead to conflicts and fights.

Plants with rounded, oval or heart shaped leaves are the most auspicious for indoors. The aromatic ones are also activators of good Chi and the hydroponics are allowed, whose cultivation can be done in water.

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