If you want to build a more positive environment, feel free to put colorful flower pots everywhere. These radiate their colors and aromas and these benefit health.

The presence of flowers provides more vitality when you wake up and more energy throughout the day. Next we will talk to you about some of its healthy virtues.

They help fight stress

It may seem like a fantasy, but it is reality. Flowers have the ability to help fight stress, a condition that favors many illnesses or makes any minutiae a cause for a fight at home.

If you have a room full of flowers, you will feel refreshed when you rest after work. And, also, if you have colorful flowers in the living room or hall, you will perceive it as a warm welcome when you arrive from the street.

A study carried out by psychologist Jeannette Haviland-Jones, from the University of New Jersey, showed that flowers have a very positive effect on the mood of older adults.

Choose the ones you want; flowers in a color that matches the design of your home, for example. It all depends on your preferences!

They provide satisfaction

Flowers are synonymous with creativity and harmony, and they satisfy all the senses. If you are passionate about what you do, but have found that you lack a bit of imagination, keep the environment full of flowers to encourage creativity.

The flowers help to improve the mood. And if you feel good, you will be more productive. Daily activities become more enjoyable and even doing the dishes has a different twist.

They provide natural fragrances

No incense, incense, scented candles, humidifiers … Flowers will give you a lot of natural aromas, just by being there.

Choose those that have more fragrance and that last longer, such as jasmine. They are a good alternative to replace industrial air fresheners, which are not friendly to the environment.

Relaxation and better quality of sleep

The subdued colors of the white, pink, or yellow flowers may help you sleep better at night. Likewise, they contribute to reducing the levels of anxiety and nervousness that afflict daily.

Remember that intense tones like fuchsia or red have the opposite effect. They are very energetic and activating, so it is not advisable to place flowers of these tones in the room. It is important to clarify that no scientific studies were found to corroborate these properties.

They purify the air and help you breathe better

As you probably know, plants go through a process called photosynthesis. Through this, flowers and plants absorb carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen. For the same reason, they are a good complement to the respiratory process in humans.

In turn, plants provide moisture to the environment. This helps to reduce the volume of dust and particles in the environment and can be very beneficial for those with respiratory problems.

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